February 1 - Feb 29, 2024

Unbeatable Closeout Deals
🤩 Watch for a Special Leap Day Flash Sale

Close Out #1 - Latisse 3ml Eyelash Soln with 70 applicators
(2 kits available) $144.99 each

Kits Expire 5/2024 | 1 month Kit

Latisse lovers, Allergan just increased prices wholesale and retail | 3ml $164.99 ~ 5ml $189.99.

Close Out #2 - VI Peel Purify (2) $280 & VI Peel Purify PRECISION PLUS
(1 kit available) $330

The PURIFY formulas are for those with acneic and oily skin. It dries out stubborn repeat breakouts.

The PRECISION PLUS kit has 2 added boosters to address skin discoloration usually due to cystic acne breakouts that leave scars and dark marks.

New kits packaging on the way for easier instructions and your after care storage.

These treatments are $400 and $500 MSRP. Grab 1 or all 3 ($890) for this great price!

Close Out #3 - Lip Blush Semi Permanent Color Tattoo (Permablend Coral & Rose Pigments) $400 1st session | <4month session $200 | <8 week session $150

Don’t we love waking up with beautifully dressed lips or drinking from our glasses with no lip print.

Don’t get caught leaving lip lines 💋 on your man’s collar. 1st session Normally $600.

Colors will still be customized but in the Coral or Rose families.

Close Out #4 - PRP Skin Rejuvenation (2) $399 Microneedle only | $499 Microneedle with PRP Filler (choose Under eye or Lips) 

Your own Stem Cells drawn and spun in studio - PRP Microneedle treatments recommended for those in their 40’s and younger.

PRP revolutionized stem cell treatment in sports medicine, necrotic cell healing and eventually aesthetics.

Our stem cells start to degrade as we age and the treatment can be only as effective as our personal Platelet Rich Plasma.

The Filler derived from our stem cells is natural, collagen building and effectively eliminates dark circles, deep lines and hollows under the eyes with subsequent treatments.

Lips are nourished, fuller and naturally plumped while the treatment lasts.

Normally PRP treatments are $599/$799; but, Yas much prefers PRF. Platelet Rich Fibrin treatments are $699 for microneedling and $899 for Filler or Hair restoration.

SO WORTH IT! People notice a difference after just 1 procedure.

It’s like PRP on Steroids! The difference is in the tubes, spin speed and times. Blood draws and procedure are essentially the same for you as the client, but outcomes are exponentially better.

Add a Myers Cocktail IV + Glutathione push (liver detox) for $200… just 1 stick (Yas is a prior ER nurse) so get your IV , blood draw for procedure and fluids infused through one site, while the Magic happens. ✨

Don’t forget our Bo💝TOX Tuesday and 20% off Whopping Wednesday Prepaid Deals!

These prices will end soon.

Gift Certificates available for Valentines Day, so treat or tell your honey!

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