About Yas Blackman-George
BBY Aesthetics & Lip Blush Studio

Yas offers her clients an interactive experience using three of the four "R's" of aesthetic medicine: resurface, refill and relax.

Re-suspension # 4, is strictly for plastic/cosmetic surgeons.

Yas's passion for nursing and beauty are combined eloquently in the use of aesthetic enhancing products and skin care.

She has enjoyed many facets of nursing for nearly 30 years.

In her preteen to early adulthood years, she modeled runway, catalog, and commercial print professionally with Barbizon agency in Chicago; and, innovative designers in Las Vegas, Nevada.

With that experience; meticulous skincare, proper nutrition and an eye for beauty, these skills we're constantly being "polished."

Yas is gentle, knowledgeable, always concerned for her clients and she believes subtle changes are best.

Combining skin resurfacing (VI dermal peels, PRP Injections) with relaxing (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin) and refilling (Juvéderm, Restylane, Radiesse, etc.) are her specialty.

Renewing the skin for a fresh, dewy look; relaxing a few lines and filling in where some tissue loss has occurred makes a dramatic difference, in a subtle way.

Yas offers the best products combined with world-class training...

She initially attended aesthetic training in Beverly Hills, California, the beauty mecca of the world!

There she received first hand instruction by cosmetic surgeon S. Assassa, MD along with a class of physicians, dentists and nursing professionals from all over the world.

As a member of the American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery and the International Association of Aesthetics she easily keeps a pulse on education for new processes, pharmaceuticals and techniques.

Yas continues to seek new techniques, products and continuing education to not only keep up with this ever evolving industry; but, to ultimately treat her clients like the amazing people they are with trust & confidence.