TOX Tuesday (TT)

Reduced unit prices on Botox and Dysport weekly.

No minimum units.

Self-Care at your Convenience.

No Membership Commitment or Fees Required.

New Clients upon first visit and (2 week follow up); AND Existing Clients bringing Referrals will receive the original TT price of:

Botox $8/unit and Dysport $3.20/unit Cash price

  • No appt. necessary, Call ahead encouraged.
  • Clients may make appointments if needed for personal convenience.
  • Walk ins: 12PM - 4PM
Botox $9.50/unit and Dysport $4/unit (Save $20 when paying Cash)

Botox (70 unit limit)* | Dysport (150 unit limit)* per person per visit.

*Clients may return the next week to have a different area treated, i.e. Use 70 units to treat facial wrinkles & lines this Tuesday, then return next TT to treat TMJ in the jaw.

Same restrictions apply.

TT Prices restricted to Tuesdays only. Leftover products must be discarded at the end of the day, so help keep TT alive by telling your friends and family.

Regular prices for Botox are $14/unit and Dysport $4.50/unit. BBY is working to keep costs down for our clientele because BEAUTY is EXPENSIVE!

▪️Sign into

▪️Create online profile: Name, email and mobile number needed. Unique password required. HIPAA Compliant.

▪️TEXT 480.878.1700 for welcome email and e-consent for Botox/Dysport. Please leave your full name as registered in Jane app.

▪️Let me know if you’re an Allē member in the text.

▪️Text any short notes to share: i.e. “I want my jaws relaxed and get 10 units each side.” or “I’ve had a reaction to Botox in the past and can only use Dysport.”

Allē members welcome

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Gift Certificates & Gift Cards

🎁Want to gift someone? Pay in advance with an easy voucher in studio. E-Gift certificates available.

🎁Place gifts on App/Zelle with no fees. Text 480.878.1700 for directions.

▪️Cashapp: $BoByYas
▪️ApplePay: 8318690347
▪️Zelle: [email protected]

BBY Aesthetics does not accept PayPal or Venmo

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